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Saturday, July 10, 2004
Well I never got too post yet this week because I have been busy being back to work and all, which is nice albeit a temporary thing. Our company has gotten a new contract but I don’t know for how long or for how many people but I would like to get in on it all them same because it is something new. Other than that all is well in my life I have nothing too complain about at all. So I have too got I will be back in a day or two with a better post. Talk to you all later have a good one everybody.
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Let us all bow our head in a minute of silence because Super Steve has given up the almighty keyboard and has gone on to better things may god will it. Tip of the glass too you brother you are the one who inspired me to write here and I hope you return but if not I hope you are happy in your present path in this game of life we play.

Besides that it has been a long week, and I mean really long I do not feel like the energiser bunny in the least I feel like one of those shitty cheap batteries you get at a dollar store. Could be worse I would imagine some way shape or form, which is my general outlook on life to tell you the truth which I guess may not be a bad thing. I am really enjoying my job yet again because I had a good paid vacation for a bit and I feel recharged again which is kind of nice considering how bitter I was feeling towards my contract.

From about 8 or so until now which is around about 11 in the night I have been fucking around with this computer, I have been trying to use another hard drive to see if this fucking thing will boot with windows XP loaded. God damn jumpers! I will see them in my sleep I expect! Note to the next hardware makers; make the next generation of hardware smart enough not too have to fuck around with little white pieces of plastic! What a nightmare but it worked which is cool so a format is in the very near future let me tell you! Anyway I got too go talk to you all later have a good done everybody!

P.S ALL HAIL SUPPER STEVE! YO BOSUN!* (* may there be a road)

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Well it is back to the grind for me again, but oh well what do you do right? Man the time just seems too slip away get pass you before you know what is happening. I finally got my computer all straightened out, windows Xp is on the primary hard drive now, I am loathe to format the other hard drive yet because then I will lose everything until I get a new spindle of cd’s too back everything up with. Besides then I will have to reload windows again because the other hard drive is bigger.

I guess I will need to head too work a bit earlier than usual because we moved to a different floor; we are now on the third floor. So that means I have to set up yet another computer with all my short cuts, favorites etc. anyway speaking of work I got too go and get ready too go talk to you all later on have a good one everybody.

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